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An innocent project transforms into a perilous nightmare when researcher Susan Roberts arrives in France in search of information on a deceased composer. She contacts his widow whose mental deterioration, precipitated by the death of her husband, manifests itself in psychotic dementia. The young woman's arrival triggers an obsessive desire to marry her crippled son to Susan, ensuring by this union that the genius of the father will be passed on to future generations.

Title : Crescendo

Year : 1970

Runtime : 96

Release Dates: 1970-06-07


Actors :

Stefanie PowersasSusan Roberts
James OlsonasGeorges Ryman / Jacques Ryman
Joss AcklandasCarter
Margaretta ScottasDanielle Ryman
Jane LapotaireasLillianne
Kirsten LindholmasCatherine

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Watch Crescendo Stream Online Megavideo last night and it was superb. The set pieces are suitably awesome and the acting performances are uniformly excellent. The writer set out to deliver a fun story and that is exactly what it is. It draws you in from the first moments and does not let go. What more could you possibly want?


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